China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and Gwadar hold critical significance for Chinese government in particular. This importance can be estimated based on the fact that China is one of the largest importer/exporter in the world and 40% of this import/export volume takes place through the strait of Malacca route which presents severe bottlenecks to China. CPEC as an alternate to this route will offer the following savings to China:

  1. Cost saving of $1450 on each container that is traded from the Middle East

  2. Cost saving of $1350 on each container that is traded from Europe

  3. Trade travel time to Europe reduction by 21 days

  4. Trade travel time to Middle East reduction by 21 to 24 days

  5. Total distance reduced by around 11,000 to 13,000 kilometers from Kashgar (Western China) to the Europe and Middle East trade destinations

As part of this multi-billion dollar multi-decade project, reaching its full bloom in 2050, the whole region is going to be transformed into one of the strategically most important deep sea port facing business hub. At the same time, given the scale of the funding commitment from Chinese Government into this project, the stakes have never been this high to complete this project in the planned timelines. 

It is anticipated that as a conservative estimate, the properties in Gwadar are going to appreciate in value by 20X at a minimum by 2030. This is also linked with the completing functionality of the port along with the shift of trade to the new port.

While many analysts and institutes have drawn several parallels between Dubai and Gwadar, Gwadar port, as part of CPEC project, is far more superior from Dubai in many ways. Some of the notable differences are:

  1. Gwadar port can easily handle the mother vessel up to 80,000 tons. This is due to Gwadar’s unique geo-location and proximity with the deep sea. 

  2. Gwadar port is World’s second best deep sea port and Asia’s only deep sea port. This presents a direct and unique trade route directly into the deep sea. 

  3. Gwadar port will remain functional throughout the year. 

  4. There are many commute and overhead risks attached with strait of Hormuz, for the Dubai port. These risks are neutralized by Gwadar port. 

  5. Gwadar presents much bigger potential business opportunities, than Dubai with very economical investment options. 

  6. Afghan transit trade has already started through Gwadar port.

The importance of port and Gwadar development can also be quantified by the number, size and scale of associated development projects in the region including Multan-sukkur Motorway, ML-1 railway upgrade project ( and orange line project ( These projects are expected to significantly up-lift the region’s preparation for the upcoming economic boom. 

Following infrastructure projects have either been completed or are approaching completion in the immediate future:

  1. Port infrastructure 

  2. Initial road structure in Gwadar City

  3. Linkage of CPEC with PORT via express way

  4. Water supply

  5. International Gwadar Airport (construction in progress) : 2022 is the target completion year for the airport. This will be the largest airport of Pakistan with 2 Runways and has capacity to handle A-380 aircraft. 

  6. 350 MW coal power project (in progress) to be completed in 2022. 

  7. Gwadar Industrial State 

  8. Fisheries

  9. Free zones

  10. Expo Center

  11. Pearl Continental Hotel


Based on these unique factors detailed above, contributing to the prestige and premium outlook of Gwadar port and development, will continue to bring latest updates about Gwadar development and investments options in Gwadar. 


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