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The Significance of Investing in Gwadar

Gwadar Given up by the sultanate of Oman to Pakistan, in 1958, Gwadar, a seaport and a town, is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the Balochistan province, Pakistan. The city got immense importance when Pakistan became a part of CPEC in 2013. CPEC, the multi-billion dollar giant project by the government of China, primarily, in Pakistan as a part of China's Belt and Road initiative(BRI), and Gwadar Port maintains critical geostrategic importance and significance not only for the state of Pakistan but also for the Chinese, in particular.

Significance of Gwadar The significance of Gwadar can be seen from the fact that China, the fastest growing economy in the world, would get new routes to the oil-rich Middle East via Gwadar port. Most significantly, it reduces China's Trade Route from Kashgar to Gwadar.i.e., the reduction from 12000 km via sea to 2000 km via land. Gwadar, referred to as a "Gateway to Asia," would bring peace, progress, and prosperity to Pakistan and also to the whole region.

If one is still in doubt about investing in Gwadar, then this piece of information will give some indication of Chinese financial support that is being invested in the area!

The Director-General of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) labels the city as a "future Singapore" of Pakistan. Being a part of the multi-billion dollar CPEC project, there is a massive opportunity for the investors to invest their capital in the Gwadar smart city, which is going to be a business hub in the Indo-Pacific region.

Investing In Gwadar Investment in the Gwadar Residential land sector would bring huge revenue for the investors as the value of properties is going to be enhanced in the future owing to the implementation of the "Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan," by 2030.

The new master plan of Gwadar, Balochistan's emerging port city, maintains the occurrence of 'symbiotic relationship' between the city and its port that would further lead to the growth of all other sectors, either real estate investment or the industrial sector.

People are migrating to live and work in Gwadar on a larger scale that further increases the demand and scope for Gwadar Residential land for business purposes. Given the size of the ambition within Gwadar, it is the right place to invest before any click of a property boom.

Regarding a forecast conducted by the Ministry of Planning and Development, the contribution of Gwadar in Pakistan's economy would rise to $6 billion in the short term by 2025 and $24 billion in 2035. That would ultimately raise Pakistan's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to US$200 billion to $300 billion by 2050.

Due Diligence Gwadar Residential land area consists of government-owned societies and private-owned societies.

  • Singhar housing scheme and New Town housing scheme, owned by the government, provides the engaging locations in the Gwadar city. Singhar housing scheme is establishedright on the famous "HammerHead" in Gwadar.

  • Meanwhile, the Singhar housing scheme is locatedright on this hammerhead.

  • Moreover, The New Town housing scheme faces Marine Drive towards the West Bay and also offers an excellent strategic position.

  • Industrial Estate Gwadar is 40 Km from Gwadar city on Makran Coastal Highway.

The part of Gwadar Residential land, mainly secret societies, such as Golden Palm, GDA phase 5, and Creek society, are well-positioned and officially registered with Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) which are expected to produce significant gains on investment.

Last year, in 2019, Gwadar had been declared as a Tax-Free Zone for 23 years. By taking this into account, there exists a vast potential for the overseas and local investors to invest their capital in the Gwadar Industrialland area to get exempted from the sales tax, income tax and customs duties for the Gwadar Port and the businesses established within the Gwadar.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Gwadar Gwadar is turning into an "economic powerhouse," which is widely known as the "project of the century," reported by the Financial Times, in the shape of the 62 billion USD China-Pakistan Economic Corridor; in its self right for jobs and in generating wealth. In the coming years, all households in this city will benefit from consistent employment and stability in this fast pace developing region.

It was estimated that 41 investors have so far boosted 500 million USD into Gwadar, especially in the Gwadar Industrial land sector, with more expected to follow suit. This investment primarily presentsan amalgamation of different industries set up in various areas in logistics, edible oil, piping, and food.

Significance of Investing In Gwadar Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority (GIEDA) is the best Gwadar industrial land sector for investment, particularly in industrial property development purposes. GIEDA is also referred to as an economic zone by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) and is legally owned by the government. Currently, the idea of declaring the complete Gwadar area as an economic zone is under discussion.

To invest in significant government infrastructure projects is the key to rapid capital growth.

There is one window operation available for the provision and availability of all services under one roof in GEIDA. It means that the industrial developers and investors in the Gwadar Industrial land will not have to knock ten different offices for the provision of services. Essential utilities are also provided at subsidized rates in the economic zone.

Recently, the two declared free economic zones in Gwadar are:

  • Gwadar port

  • Airport road near Pakistan coast guard.

The above two zones have import and export duties free for twenty-five years.

Wrap Up: Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan is a vital part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which, consequently, would transform the port city into a hub of industrialization, commercial activity, and international marine trade.

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